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   L'Habitude d'appeler en demandant l'intercession des Cheikhs
Les appelations et noms de l''ordre naqshbandi
Al Madad

Notre Grand Cheikh, Cheikh cAbdoullah ad-Daghestani nous a conseigné l'habitude d'appeler le Prophète (s) et les Cheikhs de l'Ordre en demandant leur intercession. Cette formulation lui a été transmise par son Cheikh qui l'a reçue par la chaîne d'or, chaque Cheikh le passant à l'autre.

Ya Seyyid as-Sadat wa Nour al-Mawjoudaat, ya Man houwa al-malja'ou liman massahou daymoun wa ghammoun wa alam. Ya aqrabal-wassa'ili ila-Allahi ta'ala wa ya aqwal-moustanad, attawassalou ila janabika-l-a’zam bi-hadhihi-s-saadaati, wa ahlillah, wa Ahli Baitika-l-Kiram, li-dafci dourrin la youdfacou illa bi wassitatik, wa rafci daymin la yourfacou illa bi-dalaalatik, ya Seyyidi wa Mawlay, Ya Rassoul Allah, Ya Rahmatan lil-calamiin:

  1. Nabi
  2. Siddiq
  3. Salman
  4. Qassim
  5. Ja c far
  6. Tayfour
  7. Aboul Hassan
  8. Abou c Ali
  9. Youssouf
  10. Aboul c Abbas
  11. c Abdoul Khaliq
  12. c Arif
  13. Mahmoud
  14. c Ali
  15. Mouhammad Baba as-Samassi
  16. Sayyid Amir Koulali
  17. Khwaja Baha'ouddin Naqshband
  18. cAla'ouddin
  19. Yacqoub
  20. cOubeidoullah
  21. Mouhammad az-Zahid
  22. Darwish Mouhammad
  23. Khwaja-al-Amkanaki
  24. Mohammed al-Baqi
  25. Ahmad al-Farouqi
  26. Mouhammad Macsoum
  27. Seyfouddin
  28. Nour Mouhammad
  29. Habiboullah
  30. cAbdoullah
  31. Cheikh Khalid
  32. Cheikh cIsmail
  33. Khas Mouhammad
  34. Cheikh Mouhammad Effendi al-Yaraghi
  35. Seyyid Jamalouddin al-Ghoumouqi al-Housseini
  36. Abou Ahmad as-Soughouri
  37. Abou Mouhammad al-Madani
  38. Cheikh Sharafouddin ad-Daghestani
  39. Cheikh cAbdoullah ad-Daghestani
  40. Cheikh Mouhammad Nazim al-Haqqani


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:: Hodja meets a tourist ::

Nasreddin Hodja went on a pilgrimage to Mecca, and on the way he passed through Medina. As he was walking by the main mosque there, a rather confused-looking tourist approached him.
- Excuse me sir, he said, but you look like a native of these parts; can you tell me something about this mosque? It looks very old and important, but I've lost my guidebook.
Hodja, being too proud to admit that he, too, had no idea what it was, immediately began an enthusiastic explanation
- This is indeed a very old and special mosque. he declared, It was built by Alexander the Great to commemorate his conquest of Arabia.
The tourist was suitably impressed, but presently a look of doubt crossed his face.
- But how can that be? he asked, I'm sure that Alexander was a Greek or something, not a Muslim. . . Wasn't he?
- I can see that you know something of these matters. replied Hodja with chagrin, In fact, Alexander was so impressed at his good fortune in war that he converted to Islam in order to show his gratitude to God.
- Oh, wow. said the tourist, then paused. Hey, but surely there was no such thing as Islam in Alexander's time?
- An excellent point! It is truly gratifying to meet an english man who understands our history so well, answered Hodja. As a matter of fact, he was so overwhelmed by the generosity God had shown him that as soon as the fighting was over he began a new religion, and became the founder of Islam.
The tourist looked at the mosque with new respect, but before Hodja could quietly slip into the passing crowd, another problem occurred to him.
- But wasn't the founder of Islam named Mohammed? I mean, that's what it said in the newspaper; at least I'm sure it wasn't Alexander.
- I can see that you are a scholar of some learning, said Hodja, I was just getting to that. Alexander felt that he could properly dedicate himself to his new life as a prophet only by adopting a new identity. So, he gave up his old name and for the rest of his life called himself Mohammed.
- Really? wondered the tourist, That's amazing! But...but I thought that Alexander the Great lived a long time before Mohammed? Is that right?
- Certainly not! answered Hodja, You're thinking of a different Alexander the Great. I'm talking about the one named Mohammed.
:: Nasreddin Hodja ::
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