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How can we do our best

A'udhu billah min al-shaytan al-rajim

Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim

Salaam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

Welcome to you!

For what you are coming?

It is a association. We are trying to follow the ways of the Seal of Prophets (s). We are trying to follow the ways of followers of the sahaba, the companions of Rasulullah(s). We are trying to follow good steps of awliya, Saints. Where they are putting their steps it is a safe, safe step. If not, you should be in a dangerous position. This is a world of dunya. Sometimes we are looking and seeing some excercises from the army. They're for their defense putting minds in the ground- they can't be seen or known: terrible. If you step on it, boom! Blown away! No joking from mines. It doesn't know who is stepping on it, whether a general, footsoldier, or an emperor. Therefore armies are using an expert- who knows.

Prophets first level people for knowing it is danger for mankind to kill them. Holy order from heavens is saying, "Oh my Beloved ones, look and try to protect my servants on earth, because their most dangerous enemy shaytan is putting in such varied places so many mines, traps, or bringing hundreds of thousands of tricks to carry people to that mine." First order from the Lord of Heavens from all Prophets and Messengers (as) is to beware of protecting my servants so they don't fall into the trap of shaytan. Shaytan is freely going from East to West, West to East, North to South, South to North. He is not in need of carrying a passport; no need to use a visa. He is saying, "I'm free. Sometimes I making myself clear for some of my best friends, but mostly I am cammoflaging myself through people. They are thinking that I am their first-class advisor." Shaytan is free to go anywhere, even the Kaa'ba, even in Prophet's Holy Masjid, mosque and in 'Arafat as well. Everywhere free. Like newspaper people: "Today I have very important work with some VIPs. They'll be coming here and I'll be looking after them to make them even drunker. They are going to be drunk and then will come and make a speech (They shaykh is mimicing a VIP giving a speech)."

"Yes, oh my servants. I was thinking that I could make a good speech for you, but I am looking not prepared and I am not remembering anything, bring me another champagne and I may speak to those donkeys."

Everywhere shaytan is going making an inspection. The chief inspection on mankind. For whoever is believing in heavenly knowledge and news, the inspector is shaytan looking everywhere. Anywhere there is such a thing about heavenly knowledge or positions, he is saying, "Take that away." Therefore, Allah Almighty is saying "Asta'idh billah". You must flee from shaytan, you must ask protection. You must ask protection. If not, he will carry you away also. That person is looking for a station, but doesn't know where he is going. He goes but arrives at a different place than he was planning.

"Shaytan: Ya Rabbi, we are running to You from that one. Don't leave is in front of that dangerous enemy. We are weak ones."

Therefore we are saying, "A'udhu billah min ash-Shaytan ir-rajim.' What was the title of our association? That all prophets are calling people to be servants of their Lord, and that is the main point for which man was created. Man must now for what he is in existence, for what reason they've been created. Then millions and millions of people are believing this, but they're not giving enough time or energy for heavenly service. People are making heavenly service, but most people are not appreciating anything for heavenly service. Never appreciating. Then so many people are accepting that they have been ordered to perform heavenly service, but they are not giving enough care for that service. They have made their main goal to reach dunya as much as possible. They are doing some heavenly service, but it's not their main target- heavenly service is our most important target. We have been created for heavenly service. Any doubt?

Qur'an: inni khalaq insi wa jin illa liabudu . I never created mankind or jinn for any purpose other than my service: 'ubudiyya- to be my divine servants. So many people are making this heavenly service, but what was the main purpose for Sahaba when they were coming into the holy circle of the Most Holy One(s).
What was their aim always running and listening?
They knew that they'd been created for heavenly service, but they were every time coming, running to the Prophet(s). Why? They were asking for more and more urging power for them for heavenly service. They were wanting to learn and know what is is the best worshipping to their Lord. They were saying, "How can we do our heavenly service in the best ways- to the best ones, that is important." Yes, you can pray five times, but five times that is not the main target. Because out of five times you are working, working. You are giving your full energy for five times. We are saying, "Enough, enough. We have so many things to do. We may pray quickly but run away." He may or not be looking at what he's saying. Our Lord is saying, "My servant is running to another service, not giving full care to my heavenly service that I was dressing them for to be an honour for them in dunya and akhira. Look, oh Angels, at my servants. Mostly they are not looking to heavenly service. Who are they considering? The servants are giving a very short time saying, "We are not in need of more than that." Like salafi people, they are not taking care to make sunnat or zawaid like what Prophet(s) was doing. Only obligatory service, then they run away- go and work. When you are leaving this world that is for Allah, where are you going?
Who is the foreman for manking on their service?
Foreman #1 is shaytan. East and West they are running and saying what is the order of the boss. "Look to see that you don't give too much time for their prayers. You must grant to them very short time for their heavenly service." They are making taslim, surrendering and then taking their shoes and running away. For whom are they running? For whose service are they running? Have I created them for My heavenly service, or have I created them to follow their dangerous enemy and dunya? You know oh our Lord, You know best. You created them for their heavenly service, but mostly they are not giving anytime for that service, or they are giving a very short time. They are taking their shoes and quickly running off. For what? For shaytan's way. They are workers of shaytanic service. How is this dunya going to have people that are happy. Therefore I am happy with who is coming here. Al-Hamdulillah! You are sitting and not thinking about any other service. You are sitting, and no one is thinking about their job. No. And your main target, which is the title of the association that our grandshaykh is granting us, may Allah bless him. Say to our brothers, sisters, sons, grandsons, grand-daughters that we are doing this association to learn how we can do our service for our Lord in the best way. We are translating, and you are knowing but you cannot speak on that. Your target, how we can do our heavenly service in the best way. That must be through your heart always: how can I give my best service to the Lord of heavens? Therefore we are saying welcome to you, as Prophets were welcoming people who were coming in such a way. Some people are coming, taking something, and running away. They were not on the same rank of heavenly service as other people sitting in front of the Prophet(s) who were asking much more knowledge to practice their heavenly service in the best way. Therefore, here is a handful of people who are asking to do their best service for the Lord of heavens. Capital for those people, but for others dangerous days are coming. Dangerous days are coming, and I am asking forgiveness from Allah Almighty, and I am asking us to keep us on enlightened ways- not to leave us to full in dark ways. Darkness is the worst for looking at by people. May Allah forgive us. This assocation may be more than enough for the whole world to be as a sun shining on their hearts.
My Allah forgive me and give much more power and authority through the month of Muharram to take away the ways of heedlessness. That people may run from dunya to akhira.

Al-Fatihah for the honour of the most honoured one in your divinely presence.

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani an Naqshbandi

Lefke, January 13, 2008 - - Muharram 5th, 1429

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