Those who know and those who don't
Nasreddin Hodja

Friday is the Sabbath for Moslems and it is customary for the hodjas te preach to the congregation after the midday prayers.
Nasreddin Hodja was usually averse to preaching. One Sabbath, after the prayers, he climbed up to the pulpit and addressing the people said:
"Oh, good people of Akshehir, do you know what I am now about to tell you?"
"No," came the reply.
"Since you don't know about so important a subject, I'd better save my breath."
So saying the Hodja got down the pulpit and walked out the mosque.
Next Sabbath, when he put the same question to the congregation :
"Yes," was the reply.
"In that case, there is no reason for my wasting your time," said the Hodja and walked out.
The third Sabbath when confronted with the same question, half the congregation said "Yes" and the other half "No."
"Well, that's all to the good," said the Hodja this time. "Those of you who know can tell all about it to those of you who don't."